Marble Inlay Work in Udaipur

Marble inlay is one of the most beautiful and popular forms of Indian art. It is said to be introduced in India by the Mughals in 17th century. Mughals were renowned for their passion for art and the period of their rule was the golden period of India’s exquisite architectural history. Of all the Mughal Emperors, Shah Jahan was the greatest patron of architecture in India. The Taj Mahal in Agra, the cenotaph of the emperor and his wife, is a classic example of masterpiece of beautiful marble inlay. Since then the exquisite marble work has been an integral part of the cultural heritage of Agra. In the marble inlay work of Agra, floral, trellis, creeper and geometric patterns are finely carved on the marble surface and embedded with semi precious stones.
Our collection of marble inlay products consists of marble inlay tabletops, marble inlay floor and marble inlay tile, all carved to ultimate perfection.

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